You're (Not) Alone

by Ikari

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This album is about a lot of things we have had to deal with in our lives. It is about pain, about struggle, about heartache, and about loss. We made this as a testament to what we can, and do go through as humans living in the world we do today.

This is also a deceleration of our intent as a band. We want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle. Whatever weight, or pain, or hardship, or struggle, or loss you are carrying, someone else somewhere else is carrying it as well, and knowing that makes that heavy, heavy, weight seem a little lighter.

If you ever need an ear to listen, or a friend to hang out with, or a hand out of a tough time, let us know and we will do whatever we can to help you, and if nothing else, you can listen to this. Our pain, our struggle, our heartache, our loss, and know for a fact, that you are not alone.


released July 25, 2012

Joe Myers - Thanks for the help with the equipment
Sam Boggs - Thanks for letting us use your bass



all rights reserved


Ikari Richmond, Virginia

Post-Hardcore from Richmond Virginia. God is in his heaven, all is right with the world. We strive for instrumentality.

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Track Name: Mother(father)
i am the bastard boy, of a bourbon father
who was too drunk to come through
too fucking wasted to even bother
though I was young I saw all the pain first hand
my mothers eyes, read ocean blues
she had taken all the beatings that she could stand
and yet she blames herself, for all our trying times
this beautiful snowfall means a cold sleep for us tonight

homeless mother with four mouths to feed,
her growing kids, their growing needs
and where the fuck was he
on a stoop porch drunk,
in the belly of dc
to my childish mind, it must of been because of me
i wasn't good enough for him
and he was too good for me

he found his love in a fucking bottle
he found his home on a fucking bar stool
he found his family in their defeated eyes
he found his truth, living a fucking lie

and so we moved on, and my mother stayed strong
her days with us were her only escape
her nights were hard and long and cold
oh god, how did you stay so fucking strong
how could you stay, so fucking strong

mother, oh mother, you made the right choice
when you stood up for yourself, and decided to try
to live you life, OUR LIVES,
when you told that bastard drunk goodbye

i hope he lives a regretful life
i hope he feels all your pain
until he fucking dies
Track Name: Shinji(kun)
"repress the words that
your father had said
even now that you are needed,
they still dwell in your head
As much as you may hate it
Unit 01 was built for you
You mustn't run away now
when your city needs you"

"I know the pain well
that you must feel and fear
the thought of losing everything,
and anyone that you've held dear

I know, that the weight of
the world is on your shoulders
but you are (not) alone
but we are (not) alone"

"I mustn't run away
I mustn't run away"

"repress the words that
your father had said
even now that you are needed,
they still dwell in your head
As much as you may hate it
Unit 01 was built for you
You mustn't run away now
when your city needs you"

"I mustn't run away
I mustn't run away"

""even through clear blue skies
beat on the door of my heart
you just look, staring back at me

but someday you will notice
on those shoulders of yours
there are strong wings
to guide you"

"I mustn't run away"
"you are (not) alone"
"I mustn't run away"
"you are (not) alone"
Track Name: Suicide(note)
handwritten note inside my head
the name was all it took to bring me down
pulling back the folds, I opened it, and read it aloud
"I regret the years, the years, the years
they change us like this
we go from hate to love,
with a fist to a kiss

all I wanted was to truly live
but It felt like
I was already dead

all I wanted was to feel real love
but i think that just doesn't exist

So this it it, I couldn't find my
place in the end
love and life are truly thieves
oh how they condesend
I don't believe in a better place
though I always tried to hide in them
but even as a child
I was never good at pretend

So this is goodbye,
and thanks for the times
I know that life will go on
without me
if its easier to forget
thats fine

years, the years, the years
they seem to pass us by
and change everything
but what has really changed?
I still see nothing
and no hope in anything

So this is goodbye
keep your head held high
the years, the years, the years
will pass you by
without me"
Track Name: Robinson(fairmount)
and i've never liked
these streets at night
how the light is just bright
enough to blind and
underneath my feet
dirt and concrete
slowly give way to cold
the unfortunate ones
who sleep to the sound
of a gun
as if it calls out
to set the sun
he hopes this winter
will be a short one

jane doe has four children at home
holding dearly thiers dreams
of a life without pain
but little do they know
thier lives are set,
that thier mother is about
to die alone in the rain

she had cleaned up her act
by letting god take hold
she was ready to be a mother agian
but her past came back to haunt her
her pain wore as shackles
needles became her chains

john smith had spent his life
in the service of others
in the company of many faces
just like his
with one hand on his heart
and a hammer in the other
a pale face from cold that
worn stone grin

and when she said
she was moving on
he had never felt
the pain so strong
she was leaving him
and taking his four kids
"who the fuck do
you think you are
taking the one thinat
that keeps the junk
out my arm
I am thier father
I am thier fucking father"

oh on these streets filled with light and sound
its so hard to hear, the rain pours all around
it was too bright to see what was happening
and her screams were drowned out

in the dark stood jane and john
the hammer's hilt tight pressed against his palm
and in the other hand he held his heart
he took a swing
and he broke it
he had broke
she was broken

and I was there
standing in that rain
i saw john walk out
i never heard her pain
I swear I never saw that hammer hit
I never saw him swing

and from the south
I heard the sirens sound
oh how this city blinds
oh how our hearts are bound
I made my way back home
never knowing
she had broke
he had broken
she had broke
he had broken
Track Name: Iruel(eleventh)
Track Name: Tokyo(bay)
i wrote this down
when I left this town
i was in tokyo,
listening to the sound
of the ships coming in and out
of the harbour
two years ago

it was late december
almost christmas then
and I was waiting for
the new year to begin
i had to put some distance
between me and you

I'm often asked
what am I doing here
what am I running from
what it is that I fear
and I say, I am not quite sure
I don't really know
I am not quite sure
what my problem is

its just that
I have never really had a place
where I felt safe
where I felt at home
and it scares me to think
what my future will bring
if I keep on like this
am I going to die alone?

and who knows, how long
that will take
I debate the pain
of everyday
against the pain
of making it
all go away

before I left
I heard you speak
in tones of regret
of quiet defeat
oh how our love
had failed to flourish
of how it grew

so I left that town
went to tokyo
to bathe in the sound
of ships coming in and out
of the harbour
I'm sorry but
I couldn't face you dear
I couldn't stand to see
I didn't want to hear
you weren't in love with me
what am I running from
what am I doing here
what am I doing here
what am I doing here